- Stop the skinning of live animals in China!

This group is in association with in Australia. has already sent over a million petitions to the Chinese government, signed by people from every country in the world.
Peter, who runs it, is 75 years old and works tirelessly to help to stop this horrific practice in China.
He is working closely with the Chinese government and has persuaded them to draft legislation for animal welfare.
He has also secured land in China on which he will build a refuge for the animals he saves.
This group is here for us to discuss ways that we can help him, and as a place where we can share ideas.
If you would like to know more about what happens to animals in China, please visit Peter's website at:
You can also find out more about how to help..become a member, or donate money towards his refuge.
You will also find materials here that you can use for banners, flyers etc if you are coming to the Chinese embassy event.