Kalgoorlie - Trades, businesses and services

Hi Everyone :)

This group is dedicated to the people of Kalgoorlie - Boulder.

Whether you are a Tradie, own a company, or simply just have a service you can offer to the people in the community, then feel free to advertise in here.

If you're a customer and you're looking for a service, you can also post what it is that you're looking for (gardner, mechanic etc)

If you have any queries what so ever, please don't hesitate to contact admin :)

This page is NOT for advertising items for sale, begging etc people who don't follow the rules will be removed from the group.


If you're self employed please make sure you can supply an active ABN number upon request.

People advertising services without an ABN number will be asked to removed their adds promptly as we don't want to support non registered businesses for many reasons etc

If you don't have one, you can get one pretty easy, just visit -


OR if you want to look up a registered business please visit -


Thanks for all your cooperation :) Admin.