Joplin Give & Take Maternity & Baby Clothes Etc.

1. Post things related to the site only! Anything that does not relate to the site can be removed without any warning and could result in being banned!

2. Please provide description

3. First person to comment WANT has first dibs then second person and so on.

4. Please no advertising of rummage sales or any home-based business.

5. Do not give out personal info like address, phone # etc. PM buyer or seller this information.

6. No PM's allowed unless its to set up pick up arrangements

7. Meet in public places

8. Admins will not be responsible for any items sold or bought!

9. You must post the price you're wanting for the item.

10. When selling any items such as baby beds, pack-n-plays, car seats etc. Please post a model # as well and make sure the item hasn't been recalled before selling!!

11. Once an offer is accepted you cannot back out of the sell because someone offered you more.
EX: If you posted an item for $40 and someone offers you $25 and you accept it, then someone comes and offers you $35 you cannot back out on the sell to get the higher amount!

12. You need to be able to meet in Joplin unless agreed otherwise by the buyer and seller

13. This is an adult page, You should act in an adult manner. No arguing or drama on this page

14. When you set up a time and place to meet, show up or let the person know that you cannot make that so they do not waste their time and gas. Not showing up 1st time will be warning 2nd time CAN result in being removed from the group!!

15. If you post something please check on it periodically to see if anyone has responded to it. We know that notifications do not always go through and notify the buyer or seller so both parts just keep checking up on the posts. If you do not respond to posts it can result in being removed from the site there is too many non response going on. But please first try to tag the buyer/seller in the posts before going to admin about it. If it has been over 24 hours with absolutely no response and you have tried to tag the buyer/seller then message admin to look at it so we can see who is not responding. Also take into consideration that some people are at work, school, etc. when they posts or respond to a posts so sometimes they cannot respond back right away and take into consideration that some people are busy over the weekends so they cannot always get on the site. Buyer and Sellers want to get responses to their items or they wouldn't be on here!


17. If you post an item in other groups please list it with your post

18. You can only post three posts in a 24 hr period. Including bumping your post.