Fighters And Survivors of All Transvaginal Mesh And Hernia Mesh/Plugs

This group exists to provide support, encouragement, and unconditional understanding for anyone who has been injured by surgical mesh. This includes all types of hernia mesh for both genders, and all the transvaginal/bladder mesh for the ladies. You didn't find us because YOU made the mistake of having a risky medical procedure, we know why you are here. You, just like all of us here, are a victim of corporate pharmaceutical greed, and the indifference and negligence of your doctors and the medical community as a whole. We get it.

We do things a little differently here than other medical support groups because we concentrate on the whole person, not just on the pain from our injuries. You are a human being with all of the feelings and thoughts and realities common to everyone. That's the reason you will see personal pictures here, videos, music, humor, and laughter. It is a friendly, supportive place because you've had enough of the stonewalling and the lies and the total indifference every time you try to tell yet another doctor that your pain is real. The greedy and pathetic little men and women who did this to you may see you as nothing but a number and a paycheck, but we don't. You can be angry, hurt, and hopeful here because we experience those feelings every day.

The only thing you should be careful of discussing anywhere on social media these days, is if you have an ongoing legal matter. There is also a lot of information about the recent mesh lawsuits that have been found in favor of the injured plaintiff's on the internet. I try to discourage clogging things up here with that for two very important reasons. First, there are mesh groups who discuss those matters on a daily basis and that information is always available. Second, and most importantly, the pipe-dreams of everyone winning multi-million dollar law suits takes away from the real aim of this group, and the very reason it was started in the first place....

To provide support, encouragement, and unconditional understanding to anyone who has been injured by surgical mesh. We are as advertised and we can back it up with our own personal experiences, pain, and hope.