Breast Cancer Alternatives

"Breast UNhealth = A lack of self love and nurturing of one's li...fe."

This group was formed for those with breast cancer in their lives who want to research alternative methods of dealing with the disease. 'Cut, poison, and burn' is not for us, but we do not condemn or exclude those who have chosen it in the past. We are NOT Drs, but a group of mostly women with bc who want to learn from, and support, one another. :)

Remedies, potions, recipes, ideas, support, oils, vitamins, foods, sun, exercise, happiness, self love, and ANYTHING else that works is why we are here.

*PLEASE READ THE FILES...we have worked long and hard to collect up all that we have learned, to share with you.

*ReLAX and remember...cancer is NOT a death sentence. Breathe. You can do this! Warriors...ALL of us!! :)

*PLEASE do NOT share pictures, etc from this group, it is closed, and private. No one other than members can see us here, or what we say.

*Please do not join to sell your stuff...!!

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