Aberdeen Neonatal Unit Scrapbook

♥ ♥ Back in November 2010 i went in to very early labour at 24 weeks with our twin boys. After 78 terrifying and painful hours of later on 3rd December i gave birth to our gorgeous boys At just 25 weeks old. Aiden our first born was only 1lb 9oz and His twin brother Kai was only 1lb 10oz. both were immediately whisked away to two teams of neonatal Doctors and nurses. After an agonising wait we were delivered the devastating and life changing news that our precious son Aiden had not made it and passed away with the staff, we were heartbroken. We only just said hello before we had to say goodbye. ♥ ♥

♥♥ Kai went on a roller coaster journey while in Aberdeen neonatal unit taking many steps forward, many sideway shuffles and back wards steps - but after just over 14 weeks we were finally able to take him home.
While in the unit we would spend time looking at some photos they had on the wall of babies who had made it home, we would also read the special stories that were on THE FRIENDS OF THE SPECIAL NURSERY web site it gave us hope and comfort that there were others who had been in the same situation as us, and we might get Kai home.

With that i'm currently in the middle of making up scrapbooks to be filled with photos and stories of the amazing babies who have spent time in Aberdeen neonatal unit Everyone's story is so very special and we hope that sharing them can give some hope and inspiration to others in the same position. ♥ ♥