Auditory Processing Disorder Australia/New Zealand

Auditory processing disorder (APD), also known as central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), is a complex problem affecting about 5% of school-aged children. These kids can't process the information they hear in the same way as others because their ears and brain don't fully coordinate.

Something adversely affects the way the brain recognizes and interprets sounds, most notably the sounds composing speech. Often working memory is effected because of APD and what the children need is a great deal of repetition for the information to reach long term memory.

Its important to note that APD is a life long disability and Adults often struggle with the same issues, although do learn some coping strategies.

Kids and adults with APD often do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even when the sounds are loud and clear enough to be heard.

The purpose of this closed group is to offer support and advice to parents and families of children with APD and also adults and teens who have this disorder. We also aim to raise awareness of Auditory Processing Disorder.

we ask members to respect each individual on this group and their choices, be it alternative medicines, prescribed medication and therapies. we all know what works for one doesn't always work for another but in the end, we are all doing our best and doing what ever works for us. If you do not respect others and their choices on this group, admins will step in.

If you are joining this group to sell mobile phones, sunglasses or any other product of that nature you will be removed and banned permanently. Please have some respect for our members and what they may be dealing with, this is not the place for scammers.