Northern Ireland Scooter Clubs

The 'Northern Ireland Scooter Clubs' facebook group, was set up for all NI Scooter Clubs to add information about their various Rideouts, Rallies and events.

It is an easily accesible page which we hope will save members surfing around all the various sites to find information.

Please feel free to join the group and become involved with discussions etc.

To join in group chat just click the appropriote link, you will then have access to the chat room.

If anyone wishes to sell any scooter related items, or if there is anything you may require, simply create an event for it, and in turn all members will see it. Don't forget to add your details and contact number!

We ask all members to please be aware that this page was created first and foremost to promote harmony among the local scooter community.

Anyone using the facility to attack fellow scooterists in any shape or form; to create mischief, bring disharmony or promote religion or politics, will be deleted.

Ride safe everyone, and enjoy this group.