Oscar Wilde Club

I forgot to meniton earlier that anyone participating in tomorrows meeting is going to be required to listen to the songs listed below.
Oscar Wilde was a man of many secret passions, as all of you know, and one of these darker secrets was his undying love for trance/techno, a music style which many people living to his time unfortunately saw as "abomanible" and "immoral."
Therefore, in order to honor Oscar Wilde and his faithfulness to techno music, we will be discussing techno's impact on today's modern culture, and how it has let society grow spiritually, economically and cognitively, and how it is superior to all other music genres!
The links are listed below.. (enjoy!!!)
Also!!! may the arguement arise that some of the songs which I have posted are simply techno remixs of other original songs, please try and remember to note that the original songs were total crap, and could only have been improved by converting them into a techno remix.
Thank you, and enjoy your meal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWfbJr3whCM&feature=related