<3 RIP Tim Jennings <3 (4th March 1984 - 1st July 2009)

If you didn't know already, many of us thought the world had lost Tim Jennings on the 27th June after getting head-butted in Cirencester during a malicious assault.. BUT...miracles do happen.. although he is in a Coma and on life support he is still here; still fighting, still holding on, still with us - and there is still every hope!

The love and support has been overwhelming from friends old and new.. So here's a group where we can all show our support and keep updated on his progress and send our love to Tim and his family!

Hang in there,
Don't let go.
Soon your blessing
will overflow.
Just have faith,
And in a while,
You'll have a reason,
To wear a BIG smile.
So hold on tight,
We know you can,
God has you covered,
It's in his plan!

Sending all the support we can possibly muster up for you Tim!!
There couldn't be anyone that deserves it more than you our dear, kind, gentle and funny friend!!!!