"Global Free Hugs with Intersex movement" 全球擁抱陰陽人運動

2010/10/30 國際陰陽人組織中文版創辦人發起Global Free Hugs with Intersex行動,期望透過傳...遞愛的擁抱來連結陰陽人與一般大眾,讓長期以來不被看見與擁抱的陰陽人有機會現身,一般大眾有機會表達他們無條件的人仁之愛,促進彼此的理解,減少無知的傷害。
全球各地陰陽人所舉辦的free hugs,不僅可以連結大眾,更可以連結彼此,讓經常感到孤單無助的陰陽人族群有集結互助的機會。

"Global Free Hugs with Intersex" is an movement started by OII-Chinese founder hiker in Oct.30 2010 LGBT Pride Parade Taipei, Taiwan. The purpose of this action and movement is to connect intersex and the general people with hugs to show love to each other. To make intersex people be seen and heard in an positive way of passing the common love of human being in our mind. Hiker wishes this action could form a movement globally to help people in the world to have chance to understand intersex people.