Huluyaw was the old name of Ronda. This group here in Facebook i...s composed of individuals who have interest about Ronda.

The Municipality of Ronda is 81.5 Kms. away and is two and a half hour ride from Cebu City is situated in the southwest coast of Cebu Province. It is bounded in the East by the Municipality of Argao; in the west by the Tanon Strait; in the North by the Municipality of Dumanjug and in the South by the Municipality of Alcantara.

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To Pontod, a native chief, was said to be the founder of the Ronda. It is said that he came from Bohol with his wife and children. The family was religiously devoted to the Virgen of Sorrows. In 1779, To Pontod was given the Spaniards the surname Villagonzalo.

From 1815 to 1849, Ronda was a barrio of Barili. In 1850 - 1899, it was made an independent but a temporary municipality. However, Lavilles puts the date of the founding of the town as 1860 with Ceferino Fundales as its first capitan. The church was built in 1882. The first parish priest was Rev. Fr. Ceferino Montecillo.

Ronda was reverted to its barrio status under Dumanjug from 1904-1912. In 1913, it acquired its townhood. The first elected mayor was Aquilino Lucero who served from 1913-1916.

Sourced From: Cebu In Legend and History By: Evangeline Lavilles de Paula