Exeter University Catholic Society

The Catholic Society here at the University of Exeter is for everyone – even if you are not Catholic, feel free to get in touch and join us!

It’s a friendly environment, where students can grow in faith while having fun and making new friends.

There’s a range of events from talks to movie nights throughout the year which aim to encourage faith in a relaxing, social environment. Some of which take place at the Chaplaincy bar, the Shepherd – the cheapest bar on campus!

There’s a difference between the Society and the Catholic Chaplaincy, which is run by Fr Michael. The Society works very closely with the Chaplaincy to ensure that the needs of all our members are being met, and to organise faith-related projects throughout the year.

The current committee members for 2014-2015 are:
President - Anna Brophy (acb222@exeter.ac.uk)
Vice President - Ryan Browne
Treasurer - Andrew McGarry
Social Secretary - Iban De La Sota
Social Secretary - Maria Gómez de Olea
Charities Officer - Anna Liechtenstein
Freshers' Representative - Isabelle Mutton
Freshers' Representative - Benedict Hince

The Chaplaincy is located at Boniface House; close to Birks Grange, Duryard and Holland Hall. You can find more details & directions from this web link: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/chaplaincy/a-zoffaiths/christian/catholic/

Sunday mass is held at the Chaplaincy every week at 11.30am. If you need help getting there, feel free to ask any of us!

If you would like to receive the newsletter as a weekly email; go to: http://university.exeter.ac.uk/catholic/joinus/joinus.php

Alternatively, to view the newsletter during term time go to: http://university.exeter.ac.uk/catholic/Thisweek/thisweek.php

If you would like to join the society please go to:

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