English Defence League - Brentford Division

People of Brentford (London) from all generations who want to maintain what we have grown up with and want to turn away from sharia law and extremists muslims who are declaring war on our country and our values. Values which have come about through the hard graft and sacrifices made by our forefathers.
While our troops are fighting the war abroad, we at home are here to stand up against those who would insult them while they plan their campaign of murder against our people
We are organising marches throughout the U.K.

"The most organised and the most ruthless street army in the country is arising and uniting in solidarity in the face of the threat that is now posed to the future of our Nation and people by the militant wing of the Islamic religion that is now living in our midst.

Did people think that the ‘Casuals’ would stay silent whilst their familes, friends and their neighbours lives were endangered by this invading religious military political force that has set out on its path of conquest against us?

…What has started cannot be stopped now.

This coming football season will see the ‘truce’ work itself out, and the brothers and comrades throughout the land unite in their common cause, against their common enemies, foreign and domestic.

What hope is there for our Nation if the home guard cannot put aside their petty differences and rivalries over such a serious threat to the life of our Nation.

May Almighty God bless each of those who arise and answer the call.

It has begun."

English civil war...