Buchanan/Verplanck/Montrose Tag Sale - General

This is a group for the Buchanan/Verplanck/Montrose area people to sell their unwanted items.

You may list items such as household items, furniture, adult clothing, vehicles, etc.

The selling of firearms is prohibited on this group as well.

Listing Items for Sale:
Please post your item with a pic if you can and a description. If you have a large amount of items at once please create a photo album. Have your photos saved on your computer. Click on "Add Photo / Video" then click on "Create Photo Album" and then select your photos to upload. You can put the price and description in the caption for each photo. Once an item sells, you can delete the photo so we know it is no longer available.

Once your items sells, kindly delete all posts and photos related to it from the group.

****If you are listing your items and are not from the Buchanan/Verplanck/Montrose area, please put in your posting the town the item needs to be picked up from that way people are aware before they show interest in an item.****

Bumping items and expirations:
Please remove your item if it does not sell after 30-45 days, or it will be removed by admin.
You may bump your item 2 times during your posting. Once to let people know after a period of time it is still available and once as a final plea to sell stating it has been reduced or you are about to pull the posting.

***Buy At Your Own Risk! This group and its administrators are not responsible for sales that go awry, the condition of items or recalls of items.

Please remember to be safe. This is a public group so do not post your address on the wall. All personal messages containing addresses and phone numbers should be kept in private messages or emails.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Good Luck!!