Egyptian Students Association - University of Ottawa

Small History Lesson :-)

The Egyptian Students Association was created on the 18th of January, 2008.

The club was founded by two Egyptian students in the University of Ottawa:
Ehab Abdou
Maggie Ibrahim

Our Goals are:

Gather anyone who is interested in Egypt.
Help new students who don't know there way around yet.
Provide accurate information to whoever asks for it. (About Egypt of course)
Hold events and activities that relate to the Egyptian culture.

Our Rules are:

* Do NOT insult anyone's race, religion or culture.
* Do NOT post any videos or pictures that contains any kind of nudity or pornographic material.
* Do NOT post anything that contains obscenities or fowl language.
* Do NOT use an aggressive or offensive way when disagreeing with fellow members.

**If you fail to follow these simple rules, your posts will be deleted and you might face banning from the group in very rare and extreme cases.

Now as the last goal is the most fun, we'll concentrate on it a lot.

This club is not only for Egyptians. So, You don't have to provide us with any documentation to prove that you're Egyptian. You just have to be "EGYPTIAN BY HEART".

So, if anyone has any ideas that relate to the Egyptian culture, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you arrange for it.