CHOCTECH - Chocolate & Confections Technology Club at Cornell University

The Chocolate & Confections Technology Club is an idependent Organization at Cornell University created by and for Students, and supervised by Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour.

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Under the principle "Let's make Cornell SweetER", the club aims to foster the acquisition of technical and scientific knowledge on cocoa, chocolate and confection processing; market trends and on public health concerns related to these products. The club pursuits to stimulate creativity by supporting student participation on product development teams that work to improve these food systems, in order to make them healthier, and by encouraging student participation in activities related to the chocolate and confectionery industries in general. Although CHOCTECH might schedule some chocolate/confections tastings for members, these shall adopt a scientific approach to products, focusing on product quality control, sensory attributes and processing methodologies to achieve desired results to an array of consumers: from the least to the most informed; from simple, cheap, substitutes to exquisite ingredients and from no diet restriction products to products that target specific needs.

CHOCTECH - A Sweet Approach to Science!

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