Holy Rosary Secondary School, Kenema, Sierra Leone

What about those schooldays bulls, (Bad English)? I'll begin. In form 1A. after a school magazine photos were taken. Someone pinched mine I bought upset, the next morning I notice groups of girls in the front of the class viewing something and screaming. Suddenly went over to find out, imagine my horror it was a rude photo I cannot describe on this link, when out of the blue, the noise attracted the then senior teacher Mrs "P" I'll say. We all were summoned to her office and then detention and suspension until our parents return with us. This is not funny my mum was doing teaching Practice in the school, my god it was hell and rest is history at home for my involvement.
Kneeling outside the principal's office from the corner of our eyes was one of the suspended (F.A.K) returning with this half backed learned lady. As we eavesdrop, the principal explained what had transpired, Honestly the lady was so shocked and turned to this student initialed and said I quote: " IS THAT SO MY DEAR FATMATA and turned to the head and asked Can I SEE THE PISURE WIT MY YEI? hehehehehe. More trouble and additional punishment. This true honestly we later knew who brought in the photo but it was a Jepeh londo case.