Jacko 4 Deputy President

Hi guys this is my facebook group, it will have my manifesto and what I will be doing over the week.

Hi, My name is Nathan Jackson, you probably know me as Jacko, and I will be running for the position of MSU Deputy President.
Over the past two and a half years of being here at Marjons, I have been heavily involved with the MSU from being apart of the MUST team, helping set up the events, charity work for RAG week and being on the RAG committee. Apart from helping the MSU I am currently the SRS of Tufnell halls and Joint mixed lacrosse captain.
Personal Attributes
I am approachable, organised and open-minded – key qualities for a role which must be both supportive and advisory to the President, MSU officers and students alike.
Why would I be good for this job??
I already have a very good understanding of how the MSU works and what it is doing for you.
I have seen the full potential of the MSU and what it can do to tackle issues that concern students.
I am extremely dedicated to the MSU and what it stands for, and I believe that I am the person to represent you, the students, with your needs as my first port of call.
What are my objectives??
Catering – the catering has improved so much this year, with the quality of the food and the broadness of the menu. My aim is to improve upon this again by adding themed nights which ensures students don’t get bored of the same food. This also makes it culturally diverse so more people are encouraged to eat in the dining hall.

Sub area – the new sub this year is incredible and it makes a huge contribution to the new look of Marjon. The new look would only be complimented by a new cash machine next to the SUB, this makes it easier for campus users and for odd night out when up using the SUB. Another aspect of the SUB that I would aim to improve is the security, by this I mean extra cameras for when accidents happen .

Events in the SUB - as students you all deserve to have a place where you can go and blow off some steam . The SUB has been revamped into an amazing space where this is possible, as one of my objectives I plan to organise different events which invite the whole of the Marjons community into that one amazing space. By supporting the SUB and going up on a Friday night and getting involved in the events, this will allow the MSU to have more money to put towards different evenings. Evenings that could be put on are things such as varsity fundraisers throughout the year rather than last minute events to raise money, this will give the sports teams a start to there varsity funds and potentially more money to put towards stash and new equipment for the year.

V.I.P. Area in Oceana – In my first year of university Marjons on a Wednesday night would always get the V.I.P room. For Wednesday nights I would like to see the return of the V.I.P for team that has been voted the team of the day. This would be decided by the amount of points scored and the overall performance of the team.

Sports Teams- an idea that I Would like to enforce for next year would be that each team nominates a publicist to write a small match report with the captain, this would go towards deciding the team of the day, and who would get the V.I.P room in the evening.

Transport - as we are all students, we know that money is always a struggle throughout the year and wouldn’t this be made easier by making the parking permits here at Marjons cheaper, by making parking permits cheaper it will allow you, the students, to have more money to spend on the extra things in life.

Sports centre – here at Marjons we are a well known sports university with plenty of successful sports people and sports teams. With the brand new sports centre that has just been built for us, there is an expense for membership and as sports people its pretty compulsory that we have membership to the gym and swimming. The new sports centre this year has the lowest costing membership throughout all of the UKs universities, and following a meeting with Stan Cinamond the cost of next years membership is only going up by £10 or £15, this means that the weekly price of membership is around the same as a pint of beer.

Accommodation – the accommodation this year is as good as every other year, but this year has had a change and each first year student living on campus has been told that there room will be inspected . My intentions for improvement upon accommodation would be for the cleaners to be inspected on there cleaning. It is only fair that if your rooms are being inspected for cleanliness, that the cleaners are inspected for how they clean.

To sum up my campaign for MSU deputy president this year, my aim is to improve on the small things here at Marjons that will make your life better and more enjoyable here. So when your on that website deciding on who you think should be deputy president to represent you guys next year, think of what I have said. Marjon For life, Jacko For deputy President....