Fenlanders HOG

The Fenlanders H.O.G. Chapter was formed in 1992, originally bas...ed at Classic Harley-Davidson in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, UK. In 1996 our current sponsoring dealer for the last 20 years is Newmarket Harley Davidson.

This is a CLOSED GROUP if you are a current Fenlanders member you are welcome to join, you will find our latest events and rides along with photos of our recent rides

Members are requested not to post advertisements for products, events or rides as this page is for official chapter rides and events only. If you have an event or ride that you think may be of interest, please let us know by contacting the Director, Assistant Director or Dealer Principal via our main website, or please come along to a committee meeting, we are always looking for new suggestions and would welcome any help in arranging rides and events, please see below for ride classifications....

C - Closed
These will take in most of the Chapter organised rides. To take part in a closed ride you must be a current member of the Fenlanders Chapter and hold a valid National H.O.G membership. Non Fenlanders (Guest) riders will be allowed to attend a maximum of 2 closed rides. All riders must be on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the rider must be a current valid H.O.G member. The 2 guest rides would normally be a local area ride and a full Chapter ride. These tasters are to encourage the rider to join the Chapter (Guests must sign an insurance declaration)

M - Mates Rides
These rides that are arranged between chapter members and do not go through the formal Fenlanders Chapter road crew planning process, they are not subject to, or covered by the insurance requirements of a closed ride. The person organising the ride has full control over this type of ride and the Chapter/Dealer and/or its representatives hold no responsibility or liability. These rides can be included on facebook, however, these must be authorized prior to advertisement via Director / Assistant Director or Dealer Principal. It must be made clear that it is not an official chapter ride by using the following wording "Mates Ride"

Please visit the following link for tips on group riding: http://www.fenlandershog.co.uk/members/group-riding/