Blue Raven Circle of Light

BRCOL is a virtual community of people who hold a vision for the world based on equity, love, sharing, peace and respect for all beings. This is a coffeehouse like atmosphere open to sharing ideas and inspiration. It is about exchanging ideas on consciousness, the science of consciousness, Music, Energy Medicine, Inspiring Workshops and everything in between that is related. We are here to be of support to each other as caring humans who have compassion and wisdom. We would love to hear your personal ideas, what makes you tick, what your insights are, what music books or movies inspire you... But this is not a place for your daily self promotions or advertisements...we get way too much of that on facebook already... Please share yourselves from the heart with us!

Our hands extend out to all walks of light, all beings, all philosophical and religious perspectives, those of you near and those of you far away. Let us all anchor in the light through ceremony and and let's let our planet shine!

For those of you wanting more of this in person, Blue Raven Circle of Light has a physical location as the Austin Shamanic Center, in Austin, Texas where we offer workshops on Self Development, Energy Medicine Certification and offer both local and distant personal Shamanic Healing sessions. For more information see: