Craig Ferguson: The Tweet-a-Thon

This page is dedicated to Trending Craig Ferguson on Twitter. We've had several Tweet-a-Thons, all a [OO-LA-LAH!] lot of fun. On 2/8/10 Craig decided to begin Tweeting himself. Within 30 minutes after announcing it, he made the top ten trends, and continued at various times throughout the week! (Check the video links on this page.) Follow Craig on Twitter @ CraigyFerg, and become a member of the Robot Skeleton Army, where you can live in a hollowed out volcano.

We will continue to maintain this page, "Keeping it Classy -- All the Way 'Till Christmas!" throughout Craig's last year on The Late, Late Show.

It's a great day for America, EVERYBODY!!

Thanks to all of us Craig Ferguson fans, Craig made the Trend list for about seven hours on Tuesday, September 22, 2009, the very first tweet-a-thon. We did it!!!

A subsequent Tweet-a-Thon on April 5th was a huge success! RSA helped the cause for the Lollipop Theater. Stay tuned for future tweet-a-thons!

A big congratulations goes out to LipSyncingScot, who coordinated the original Tweet-a-thons!

Keep Tweeting good things on Craig!!

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Facebook: Robot Skeleton Army Official

More to be added. Check back often.

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