Lets Grow Choral Music In Lesotho, NOW!

This is a platform that has been created for Choral Music Lovers in Lesotho to give unqualified advice and counsel, and to communicate effectively and efficiently to the general administrative bodies and public about issues within our industry.

A lot has been said about the standard of our choral music as compared to that of other countries, these being: South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana. Issues that have been raised relate to the following:

1. Choral Singing and Sound
2. Adjudication
3. Development
4. Human Resource
5. Facilities and General Resources
6. Funding
7. Education Sponsorships to Performing Arts In General

P/S: Kindly note that the item “Choir Politics” has been left out, thus, please, do not include it herein.

This platform, is meant to allow all of us to contribute meaningfully towards the general growth of this art that we love so dearly. It is important to note that Development is key, so, let’s discuss issues that bring about growth, not personal attacks and name defamations. Such comments will be deleted, and such members will be black-listed and be deleted from this group.

Lets develop this music from Pre Schools, Primary Schools, Churches, Universities, Communities and just about anywhere. LESMA, CMFL, CECELIA Organisations, Youth Guild Organisations, Church Choirs and any other entity, let’s talk development, growth and maturity.

We also need to assist and support in every possible way, the Radio and TV Programme Managers, especially Lipshamathe, Lithallere, Litsoanya and ‘Musa Pelo. We need to seriously advice in all possible ways everyone. Let’s build the standards guys to avoid being a laughing stock of the world.

When we speak in one voice, maybe, just maybe, someone will hear us, and funding may eventually come our away, that is only if we speak development in one voice.

Let us all go back into History and study the trend of our rich choral background, from the Missionaries, to Basutoland Training College that brought about teachers that were so well trained in Music, to our rich Choral Music Composers like Michael Mosuoe Moeane, Dr. J.P. Mohapeloa, Dr. KE Lekhayna, Mr. N. Lepheana and many more. We should go back to the times of Mphats’oe, Masupha, Mashologu, Sello, Marabe and many others. The list is endless. Let’s build this industry guys.

Lets Grow Choral Music in Lesotho, NOW!