Johnson Controls Rockwood, Michigan Allumni (Circa 2009)

O.K. as hard it is for me to speak of at this point I started this group as a positive note too my recovery from my recent SCLC cancer (Well, pending recovery, im in treatment now, I WILL be fine). I'm off for a time for chemo and radaition. Having started the former JCI Taylor's facebook page I finally found some time to do Rockwood's. All these pics were destined for the trash and 3 different points in my travels from 2 states to aquire these photos. I have horded them and finally had time to scan and post them all here for the many hilarious people that Launched, Worked and Ran the Johnson Controls Rockwood Facility. This work I have done here is for them and thier contrubution to not only company but each other in the growth and unfortunate premature demise of such a wonderful facility. My hat is off to each and every one of you and your participation during these years. Stephen Donaldson I.T. JCI Taylor, Northwood and Frenchtown 1