God Over Porn Men's Group (Singles)

This community page was created for men 18 years of age and olde...r struggling with porn addiction but seeking prayer, support, and accountability. This group is constantly being monitored due to the content; this is to make you feel comfortable in being transparent.

MODERATORS: Jarrad Miller Sr., Travis Hundley, Mike Price, Brandon Battle, and Shaq Owens

ADMISSION AND DISMISSAL: We take admission into this group very serious and if we feel based upon info we see within your Facebook profile that you are a stumbling block or your posts are a conflict of interest, your profile will be banned. If you feel you have been removed due to a illegitimate reason please contact the admins. You will see them listed at the top of the member list page. Contact us and we can consider possibly adding you back.

GROUP GUIDELINES: We are here to pray for you, support you but also protect you. We do our best as your admin team to properly screen people before they join the group, but some issues of the heart cannot be seen through Facebook profiles. We will ban people that show after investigation that they are a stumbling block or are malicious. We do not tolerate inappropriate messages/comments, sexually explicit material, harassment, or profanity and it will lead to your immediate dismissal. If you are a member and someone connects with you and they make you feel uncomfortable or are inappropriate please contact leadership, and we will take care of it.

For our official website, please visit "godoverporn.org."

Let's heal together. #GodOverPorn