Ardyss International/Cayman Islands

Just as the Maternity Girdle has proven to be beneficial to expectant mothers during pregnancy, the Postpartum Girdle is designed to provide a continued level of support. It has been designed in order to smooth out the lower abdomen following childbirth. You will also find that this garment works well to reduce your love handles, while simultaneously helping to speed up your recovery following childbirth through encouragement of your internal organs to be repositioned naturally into their proper locations. This girdle can benefit your back and abdominal muscles significantly by properly redistributing your weight. When it is worn, the postpartum girdle helps to provide back support, helps to support normal functioning of the urinary tract and can provide comfort to your pelvis following pregnancy. It can lift your lower stomach so that it appears both smoother and flatter and can protect your abdominal muscles that have lost some tone during your pregnancy. This girdle also features a muscle support band for your buttocks. Some people with voluminous abdomens have also used this innovative girdle in order to obtain a much smoother appearance of the abdomen. It is available in beige and can be purchased in sizes from XXS to XXL, with special sizes available upon request.