IEM School of Engineering and Management - Students and Alumni

Welcome to the Group - IEM/UEM School of Engineering and Managem...ent - Students and Alumni

This is a formal group of current students and alumni of IEM/UEM to highlight various events and achievements of their Alma Mater (Latin: "mother")

IEM/UEM prides itself to be the home of the best and most meritorious students of the state of West Bengal -
Engineering Students have WBJEE rank from 500 to 5000 (top 5%)
Management Students have WBJEMAT rank from 1 to 50 (top 5%)

IEM/UEM students, being the best in the State, are very well placed in companies and higher educational institutions in India and Abroad.

IEM/UEM is well known for its school-like discipline and focus on attendance, which is greatly appreciated by the industry, but this is the greatest source of dismay for the current students. However, alumni tend to be the greatest recommenders for their brothers and sisters to study in IEM/UEM - most students in IEM/UEM had a brother/sister/uncle/aunt/relative study in IEM/UEM and get success in life.