Centurylink sucks

Good morning to everyone in this group. Let me tell u a few things about centurylink! I worked there for 15 years up until May 2014! I was a customer service sales manager for small business and I was let go because I am not a YES man! See I care about the customers and my 17 customer service sales agents. I would question a policy or procedure and I would always make right by the customer no matter how the company screwed up the customers account/billing/service. This is not what the upper management wanted! My boss & director & VP didn't like that I always asked questions and wanted to know WHY! It's do what they say and like it or not! I have read many of the complaints on here and let me tell u I feel for every one of you! Centurylink treats their employees the same way as they do customers and that is plain out shitty!
Here is what you do and you need to tell everyone that you know that has issues with this company! U can hit them where it's gonna HURT!! ****YOU HAVE A PROBLEM NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR LARGE YOU NEED TO FILE A PUBLIC UTILITY COMPLAINT AND ALSO A FCC COMPLAINT!! Every time someone files one of these the company is charged a $2000.000 fine! They have normally 48 hours from when the complaint is filed to reach out to the customer and make it right!!! I know this because I was also the head of what they call Service Recovery which handled these complaints daily! **I AM HERE TO HELP ANYONE THAT WANTS TO SCREW THIS COMPANY OVER BIG TIME** They really screwed me and my 3 kids over big time! No notice at all pulled me in and told me some BS and walked me out that day! YA given Florida right to work state nothing I could do....filled unemployment in which they denied! I'm here to help anyone please reach out to me I have more inside knowledge of this company than anyone!!!!