Aberdeen University Psychology Society

Psych Soc welcomes all with an interest in Psychology. We have events every two weeks be they film nights or pub quizzes where all are welcome and due to the huge success of last year's big event we shall see the return of the hypnotism show. As well as fun nights out we also have experienced speakers come to the university to give talks on subjects such as hypnotherapy and mental health awareness. For those studying psychology, we hold study sessions to help you ace those exams and reports. And we also offer a lot of free pizza... Just saying!

Joining Psych Soc is a great way to meet fun, easy-going people who share similar interests and can have stimulating and insightful discussions provided they're not plastered. We aim to bring our members closer together and generally have a laugh while still assisting in the learning and overall study of Psychology and its related subjects.

So come join Aberdeen University Psych Soc today! We promise we're not completely insane.

Twitter: @abdnpsychsoc