Cured2 - 10 Day Mental Health Log Challenge

C u r e ( d ) 2
M e n t a l . H e a l t h . L o g . C h a l l e... n g e

Hello everyone! Today I am going to challenge all of you to try out our 10 Day #MentalHealthLogChallenge in the hopes of improving your mental health, tracking your day-to-day activities, and winning a Cured2 crewneck!

I recently posted an article on the Cured2 Facebook Page about "Bullet Journal Layouts For Tracking Your Mental Health." Earlier today I created my own version in my journal along with a version of this layout in excel for all of you to try! Whether you want to make your own or use the version that I’ve posted below is up to you! Join this group for a chance to win a Cured2 crewneck sweater.

Winner will be chosen on Friday, September 2, 2016! Good luck!