Exeter University Campus Bands

PLEASE NOTE, FOR NEW AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION, WE HAVE MOVED TO THE FOLLOWING PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Campus-Bands/397408276991164?ref=ts&fref=ts


Do you like:

Listening to music?
Playing music?
Any/None of the above?

Then Campus Bands is the society for you!!!


This is society for anyone who likes music, whether just to see live gigs or to take the bold step to getting up there yourself!!

Meet like-minded people and play with yourselves. For only £10. Take that however you want.


We have various roles to help you make the most of your music at Exeter:

♫ EMAILS - We link you all together via email to help you meet similar people and kick-start bands the like of which have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE

♫ NEWSLETTERS - We send you weekly newletters letting you know the music scene laid out ahead of you

♫ SOCIALS - We run socials so you can meet both your charming committee (that's us) and others in the society, and even bring along an instrument and show off. One of our favourites of these is our Music Room social, where you can try out some of the equipment and have a jam. As this is one of our sponsors, all members get a 10% discount from Music Room!!!

♫ GIGS (obviously) - We run gigs at Timepiece (another of our sponsors) three times a month so you can showcase your talent and see the best of the best from the university. We also run Battle of the Bands here, a chance for you to win a fantastic prize and go head to head with other bands for the much sought after title of 'BIG CHEESE'

♫ PRACTICE (cos it makes perfect) - We can book practice rooms about campus for you to get together with your band and put in those necessary hours to become the best of the best. Our room in the Lemmy is fully equipped and a great space to go WILD!


If you have ANY questions then feel free to get in touch via our email, campusbandsexeter@gmail.com, or alternatively try us personally:

Henry Vladamir Collinson (President) 07402622272

Christian Nicholls (Vice President) 07908300282

Olly Sheppard (Treasurer) 07865987690

Alex Tomlins (Publicity Sec) 07532088156

George Bell (Social Sec) 07511218427

Room Bookings: campusbands.bookings@gmail.com

Want to play a gig or run one: campusbands.gigs@gmail.com

We aren't that scary.