Hong Kong Cycling Alliance (HKCAll)香港單車同盟

HKCAll is a non-profit organisation that works to make Hong Kong a more bicycle-friendly city. We work with decision-makers to spread understanding about the needs of cyclists and the contribution that cycling can make to Hong Kong, in order to encourage and enable all types of cycling, including utility/commuting, leisure riding, off-road, racing and touring.
You are invited to join us to support cycling for the benefit of Hong Kong.

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Please try to keep posts and comments on topic – how to encourage and enable cycling in Hong Kong (and not, for instance, your latest ride pics, or a cool new crankset). All viewpoints are welcome. However, spamming, personal attacks, online bullying, indecent and inappropriate remarks will be deleted. Often we will contact the poster to discuss/explain. Very occasionally, a poster who repeatedly misuses this page may be removed from the group. Administrators try to keep a light touch but retain the final decision.

NOTE: If you ask to join this group, and you are an attractive Western model with a Chinese name, one friend and one photo of yourself, you are a member of 278 random FB groups, claim to have attended a Taiwanese university and your account has been open for a week or so, please don’t be offended if your request is rejected. Just message one of the admins and explain your deep interest in cycling advocacy in Hong Kong.