1,000 strong in support of KEEPING WISTERIA (Christmas Tree Island) NATURAL

Wisteria Island is an unspoiled green space. Should Wisteria Island be bulldozed and paved, all the island's trees and animals uprooted, displaced and killed? Maybe in the past, but here in 2010 we know better!

Wisteria Island is over 100 years old. It has:
-naturally-formed salt flats;
-wild butterfly gardens
-pine woods filled with nesting white-crowned pigeons;
-bald eagles;
and thousands of wild land crabs, flowering native plants, wild grasses, fruiting bushes, and indigenous trees.

Along the shore of nearby Sunset Key (aka Tank Island), the sea is devoid of life. It is being constantly choked out by the imported beach sands which spread from the shores into the water, covering and suffocating all life for yards out in all directions.

Sunset Key has no ships on its shore yet it is barren and devoid of life. Wisteria Island has had boats and live-aboards on its shores for all of the 20th Century, and it is filled with fish, sea life, lobsters, and even (regularly) wild dolphins.

Generations of children growing up in Key West have run and played and swam and grown along the shores of Wisteria Island. Would we in 2010 be the ones to take that away from future generations of children of Key West?

The shores of Wisteria Island are natural, alive and fertile, while Sunset Key is populated, developed, and artificial.

Why for any reason would we want to turn Wisteria Island into another Sunset Key?