'member Darlington?

For anyone who grew up in Darlington. If you went to St. Leo's, St. Cecelia's, St. Theresa's, J.C. Potter, Curtis or Goff,…if you played "Cock-a-Rooster" during recess, played anything at Daggett Field, got lost in Slater Park for the day…if you recall Darlington Little League, CYO Basketball, or Darlington Braves Football...if you remember when the back end of Pinecrest was a swamp...if you had to cross Newport Avenue during Narragansett Race Track traffic...if you played football with no pads at The High School Field, pick-up basketball or swam in the pool behind Potter’s…if you remember Howell Smith's, Bartley's, Pinault’s, The Darlton Theatre, Walter's Meat Market, The Newport Creamery, Korb’s, Loiselle's Bakery, Mary Reed's "bakery," Leo's Spa, The Liberty Lunch, Kip's, the Saturday night Saints Dance, “The Wall” outside the Beef Hearth, Archie’s Tavern, and much more….then this Group is for you!