You Know You're From Newbury When...

A group where all of us Newburians can share all the things that only we would understand.

You Know You Went to Newbury When…
By Chelsea Zweifel

you look out the window and see 6 feet of snow & -20 degrees, yet Newbury is the ONLY school which stays open. You continue to watch the news until you’re late just hoping that Newbury will finally close

not only do you go to the same building with your 8 year old sibling, but your cousins & extended family as well. You probably graduated with a Day, Munn, or know someone who is related to them

you could name the first&last name of every person you graduated with if shown their picture

the only sport tryouts the school has is for cheerleading.

the stoners weren’t just a clique, they were in every clique. Drug tests aren’t mandatory because the best football/basketball player smokes pot

you know what K-Hole, K-Lake, Kiwanis, & Scranton are

the closest mall is 45 mins away. it is awesome when you get to go

downtown Cleveland is even farther away, and some may have never been there, except when you go on a field trip to the Rock & Roll hall of fame

the only time you were ever out of the country was Toronto in 6th grade

you had the same book in Mr. J’s class as your older sister/brother…they graduated in 97

the cheerleading squad is equal or larger to the football team

you realize that the knight isn’t black! And BKP means something to you

65 kids is considered a big class to graduate with

youre not surprised when someone asks you to go party in a field somewhere

you know how to pronounce Mangia, Mangia &laugh at people who say it wrong

you remember when Dairy Mart was open 24 hours, &if you went at 1 AM you were likely to see 16 other people you know

you realize that PCs are actually personal computers. (Dale Bissell)

if you were a "jock" you were in 3 sports every year or the teams would never be full (Peter Leinweber)

when you can get from one end of town to the other in 7 minutes (Mathew Rocco)

7th & 8th graders come to high school pep rallies and STILL don't fill the gym (Becky Ward Simpson)

your 'downtown' slows you down to a grueling 45 mph while all the surrounding towns have 25 mph squares (Jamie Stamberger)

you know there is both a boys and girls soccer team, but you've never been to one of their games..ever! The same usually applies for cross country

you are used to people who live only a county a way exclaiming, "Newbury? where the hell is that?" when you tell them where you are from

you are proud that you lived in a town that once made the guinness book of world records for the most bars per capita

snow mobiles are the best means of transportation in the winter

you dread attending graduations because you fear you might faint from the stifling heat in the gym

you look forward to the Geauga County Fair only because you get off of school for it, yet you are there every day it is open

you're not offended when others call you a "newbilly" (Melissa Miller)