Oi Virgin Media we don't want anything for free, just what we pay for.

As you will already know, Richard Branson (Virgin Media) are planning on giving away double the internet speed that you are already paying for.

You might think "Wowzers! that is absolutely fantastic" or if you're anything like me you will more than likely be thinking "How can you give someone double what doesn't work properly in the first place? Surely that would leave them a service that..well...just double doesn't work?"

I pay for 10mb and nine times out of ten I have trouble loading anything over the internet, from a basic website to a small video clip on YouTube. So much so I often find myself Tethering the 3G connection from my iPhone 4, funnily enough I often find that this handles "The Internet" better than what I currently pay around £27 a month for. I get unlimited 3G internet for free with my T-Mobile phone contract.

Upon recently delving into the dark world of online gaming with the Xbox 360 that Santa kindly dropped off for me (Thanks Santa), I've realised that Virgin Medias 10mb connection isn't up for the job.

I started to do a little research and found a friend who has a 30mb connection with Virgin Media, I asked him what his thoughts on the matter was, at this point I realised just how lucky I was. With 3 new Super Hub routers, a new TV box, a non-working phone line and 5 technician visits in the space of 9 days, it's safe to say he's less than impressed. I'm not going into great depths about individual cases as that is exactly what this group is for.

Upon a little more research it seems it is not just me and my friends having problem but a large array of other Virgin Media customers across the country. All you need to do is have a look on the Virgin Media "Fan" page, although with all the complaints popping up on there hourly I think the title should be revised to "hate".

The most ironic part of visiting the Virgin Media "Fan" page was reading the replies of one of the employees hired to take care of said Facebook page "Pete M". His job is to go around the already angry dissatisfied customers and kindly tell them…

"It's disappointing you're wanting to dislike our page and services Nathan. It's a shame things aren't quite performing as fast as you'd like at the min. I'm confident if you give our technical support guys a call, we'll be able to get things working perfectly. You can get us on 150 from a VM line or 0845 454 1111. Pete M"

I mean come on Pete M, as if we haven't already tried this.

Looking at a few more responses from Virgin Media employees, it looks like Pete M has been given an handful of colleagues to help answer the concerns posted on the Facebook "Fan" page. Just as helpful with the replies such as…

"It maybe worth giving our support team another call Nathan, as it seems a little strange they couldn't find what what causing the issues. Give them a try on 150 from a VM line or 0845 454 1111 from any other, CJ "

Thanks for that CJ, but comments like that are not helping right now. The Virgin Media Facebook team seem to like answering a question, with another question, which, let's face it, isn't going to make anybodies day better.

It seems moronic to begin giving people double the speeds they're already getting, when the majority of the customers just want working, consitant internet. To say the company is one of the biggest in it's genre, worth billions and is supposed to be the fastest around, it begs the question; how are they so 'popular'?

So now you have a little inside story into what I and others are having to put up with why not share your fun filled story with others enjoying the same great service brought to you by "Virgin Media"

Hey but it's not all bad soon enough you can have double the fun for absolutely FREE!