Italian Files Operation Help Group

Chicago Charge event is active

~The Admin Team
This group is a platform for the Mafia Wars Event Operations. Here you can ask for help to get your special event operations done. Plus you can improve your loot and stats by helping other members getting their special event operations done. A win-win situation for both sides!.

Before participating on the group wall, it's required you read the group guidelines first. Act upon them. You can find the guidelines in the Files section.

Enjoy your stay and have fun in the game!

**Please note if you have any of our admin blocked, you will be removed as a member to this group**
Group creator: Justin Scott
Group admins; Scott Daniel, Edwin van der Veer, Chris Dunbar, Ionut Gabriel Vlascianu, Julz McConaghy, Ohm Robinson, Psile Marius, Justice Stevens, Cheryl Drake, Peggy MacIntyre, Rock Mw, Kathleen Singleton, Charles Chin