Groove CarteLL Botswana

#iLLicit House

Undoubtedly Botswana’s finest
German D & TCM (Groove CarteLL)

TCM – Started Dee Jaying in the year 2000 as a young selector in house parties then ultimately turned pro. He soon started a professional career on the largest commercial radio station, Yarona FM where he mixed on virtually every radio mix slot, week day and weekend nights, drive time afternoons and the weekend afternoon slots. His radio slots where pivotal to his entry into the club scene and he became notorious for his surgical beat mixing technique.

In 2004 TCM meet German D in a neighbourhood they both grew up in, an area called Block 5 in Gaborone, Botswana. TCM took German D as his Dee Jaying & Production protégé and soon the student was better than the master.

TCM and German D embarked on a journey through house music, perfecting their production skills and Dee Jaying at parties and clubs in the small city of Gaborone. German D through his massive talent found himself mixing on Yarona FM slots and it is here where he introduced house maniacs and music lovers throughout the country to sounds of 100% pure electro sets.

The duo has since grown into performing at shows along the likes of Pharell Williams, Rocco, Ralf Gum, Dave Storm, The Layabouts, Reel People, Charles Webster, Harrison Crump, Fresh, Oskido, Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini, Liquideep, Kent & Mahoota to mention a few.

Groove CarteLL has released tracks with CCP EMI (SA) Lekoko Entertainment, Ceremony Records and Big Dawg Records, on projects for some of the biggest names in the Region and Internationally:

Dave Storm - Sundance EP Remixes (Estonia)
Dmos - Modumo Vol. 2 (South Africa)
Owen Rampha - Tshaba Tshu Tshu (Botswana)
Dj Trax - Revolutionised (Botswana)
Dj Sid - Re-Birth (Botswana)

From initially being known for remixing songs, Groove CarteLL through this produced their first hit, Nbongeni Ngema's " Safa sa phele..." The DJ Trax Remix. Through their passion for their craft they infused Hip Hop and Kwaito to House Music in Botswana via collaborations with Zeus ("Chief Rocker") and Mosako ("Your man ke joke"). Both tracks became chart topping hits in the local music scene.
Their sophomore album "Explosive House Vol 1" was a long awaited collaboration (in 2010) between them and Mafikeng's legendary radio personality and disk jockey Douglas Dmos Mosadi who they meet at Lekoko. The offering was a spectacular 4 disc album, the 4th disc being a DVD, and had their lead single "Oyo Ezayabino - This is for you" featuring Polino.

2012 is set to be a colossal year for the duo as they release their 2nd and highly anticipated album "ILLICIT HOUSE Vol. 1". This album is rather special as the duo succeeded in engaging industry heavy weights (Boddhi Satva, Spiritchaser, Harrison Crump and Indinga Gaba) who are internationally renowned to contribute to their work.