Hand Me The Ruck

"Hand Me The Ruck" Is a Place where Veterans can come and "Light...en The Load" Created for Veterans By Veterans. We did not deploy to fight for our lives just to kill ourselves back home. There is a Epidemic Between Our brothers and sisters in arms, who suffer from PTSD and Substance Abuse. Very few have outlets and Knowledge is power. We Still have a unspoken oath to one and another. This page will grow in time. I would like to see rapid movement and awarness to the issues we face that "civilians" will never understand. But with this group Your Free to discuss and help each other in times of need. Attention!!! This group is for vets by vets not for posting opiniated postings. Strictly to reach out and help ones in need...I have plans for this group and working out details to become a true non profit where the funds go directly to help veterans in need.. I have been homeless..I have been to prison..I have used VJO "Veteran Justice Outreach" I know the ins and outs of the VA and the "Valor Act" to help Incarcerated Veterans. This group has swayed another route because I am allowing it to be a Free For All..To post how you feel if you need help reach to us. There is many non profits that reap the benefits of veterans who are down. I am also a recovering addict. There for I know multiple programs that are true at heart I am sick of seeing Cadillacs and 5,000 dollar suits from the owners of some of these grant per diems. I over 100% rated in the Va. I will be spending my time. Organizing and setting up places trips retreats. And hopefully one day a facility for everyone. I have money. I dont need yours. This is a start of a dream. And Vietnam Veterans had a voice. It is our time to stand up and reach out and do it ourselves. Im telling you come with me and lets do this. For Veterans For the weak for the homeless 465,000 vets are homeless...WTF This is a true epidemic and if we bond together and build this. Wr WILL make a difference. Im asking we have a lot of members. Im asking I have to approve everyone with the help of Kevin Shaw and Corey McClintic as admins I think we should go public and Gather Vets. Feedback....is much appreciated. Ruck01...OUT