Has Alan Shearer Been Banging Gabby Logan?

"Has the gormless Match of The Day presenter been sticking his gammy cock up Gabby Logan ????

Rumours abound that a superinjunction exists to prevent the media revealing details of the story that the dull Newcastle man has been having extra marital sex with TV presenter Gabby Logan.

Shearer is married with kids. Gabby Logan is also married with kids, and she's married to a hard as fuck Scottish rugby player who must be reaching for the knuckle duster and heading to Geordie land to find that weetabix haired deadbeat as we speak.

Alan Shearer - what a cunt.

He is a well known pious sanctimonius prick of the first order. Goody two shoes, Mary Poppins. Well well well. Bit of a hypocrite aren't you Alan? It's no surprise though. He always was a self serving shit cunt so there's no surprise that he'd do the dirty on his missus really.

What IS truly amazing is that Gabby Logan, who is half decent, would stoop so low to let that balding simpleton stick his greasy body parts up her flange ???

So is Gabby a total wrongun or WHAT? Just imagine getting fucked by that thinning haired deadbeat. Try, it, try IMAGINING it. I mean just look at the group picture of Sheraer and IMAGINE it. Lying there on the bed as the Weetabix head thrusts his puny cock backwards and forward, going all red faced and saying ooo ooo ooo in that shitty geordie accent. And looking at his patch of thinning hair that resembles a weetabix as he reaches his vinegar strokes and finally releases a sneaky fart at ejaculation but accidentally follows through with a massive shit as he shoots his bolt. Is that a nice vision? The sight of a balding shittty spunk stained Match of the Day presenter rolling over and lighting up a post shag Superkings?

Of course it isn't. It's fucking attrocious that even his wife would allow Alan Shearer to fuck her, let alone a NORMAL person. And a normal semi attractive person at that. A normal semi attractive person who is herself married with kids.

Makes you vomit in digust doesn't it ?? Having sex with ALAN SHEARER. Euuuurgh!

What sort of cunt are you Logan?