North East Guinea Pig Rescue

This is a group for people who support North East Guinea Pig Rescue (NEGPR). The rescue takes in abandoned and unwanted guinea pigs and finds them loving forever homes. The main purpose of the group is to promote the adoption of guinea pigs in our care.

Our members include those who have adopted from the rescue, foster guinea pigs for the rescue, volunteer for the rescue, or generally wish to support the rescue. Many of our members have not adopted from the rescue and had their guinea pigs before joining this group. We WELCOME these members if they wish to join us in our mission to promote rescue and to support our work.

We are a very friendly group with a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for guinea pigs. All our members are expected to take the welfare of their guinea pigs and other pets seriously and should be aware of their responsibility to meet all their pets’ needs. Members should be meeting the minimum standards of care set out by the Animal Welfare Act (2006). We will happily offer advice and support to members who wish to improve their guinea pigs' living conditions.

We do not support the breeding of guinea pigs whilst there are so many without homes in the UK. We expect our members to respect this and not to post photos or stories that are contradictory to the rescue’s ethos.

Other purposes:

* We also promote the adoption of guinea pigs in rescue centres across the UK. We have a pro-rescue ethos and encourage people to adopt rather than to buy guinea pigs from breeders or petstores.

* To advise on the correct care of guinea pigs

* To share members' guinea pig photos and stories

*To promote fundraising events for the rescue

*To support other rescues with rehoming animals in their care

Please don't:
* advertise guineas pigs for sale or seeking homes privately as this detracts from guineas in rescue needing homes. If you need to rehome a guinea pig please contact the rescue directly.
* use the group as a substitute for veterinary treatment - if your guinea pig is unwell you must seek professional veterinary advice
*No business advertising without the prior agreement of admin.
*This is a pro-rescue group so no discussions re breeding are permitted. We will remove posts that recommend buying guinea pigs from petstores or breeders.
*Please be respectful to the group. If you decide to buy a piggy from a petstore or breeder please do not promote this on the group with announcements and photo of your new non-rescue addition as this detracts from the rescue's work.
*No advertising of guinea pig cages etc that are unsuitable (please ask admin first)
*No swearing or abusive language. Please remember children are members of this group.

Any posts in breach of the rules will be removed by admin.
Any other suggestions or feedback on the rules please let me know.


Any enquires to Layla Rumsey
Tel: 07812 417302