Colorado's Tri-Town Area Online: Buy, Sell, Business Community

This page is designed for the residence of the Colorado Tri-Town area (Frederick, Firestone, and Dacono) and surrounding areas, and local businesses therein. If you'd like to participate and you're from an outlying area, you may be required to travel.


If you're new: HI!!!!
You can find all the rules for this yard sale in the 'about' and 'files' tabs.

• Please limit individual posts to 5 per day.
• Make albums for more than 5 items at a time.
• Bumping permitted ONCE per day.
• To show the seller that you are interested in an item and want first "dibs" Reply to the post with a clear message of intent.
• FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE'S TIME. Pick up items when agreed! Seller may re-list items if items are not picked up within 24 hrs of agreed pick up times.
• DELETE ALL POSTS as soon as items are sold.
• Keep all comments civil and respectful. Bullying and dishonest business is not tolerated.
•Sellers have the right to refuse an offer, remove an item, or cancel the agreement at any time.
•Payment arrangements are completely and totally handled between the seller and buyers, the admins will not be responsible in any way for transactions made.

If you're a business:

• Please clearly state your location and contact information.

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It is at the discretion of the admin and co-admins of the site.
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If you have questions or need to report something, please don't hesitate to contact the admin of this page Naomi Berg, Crystal Fisketjon, or Danielle Groeneweg.