Newcastle buy sell n swap NSW Australia


* be nice

* please comment BUMP every 24h on the item your selling

* location and price on pics

* posts will last 10-15 days on the wall (depending on how busy admin are with family)

* any photos placed in albums will be left there till sold :)

* animals need to be micro-chipped as that is the law!

* if you have a large number of items please place in an album don't fill up the wall with multiple posts

* No weight-loss on here at all no exceptions as we are all sick of having to scroll through so many posts. this includes plexus skinny fibre it works ANYTHING no warnings now just deleting posts.

* IF YOU ARE OPEN to offers they are to be made on the post or picture, nothing will go to inbox until you have set a price or put sold pending on them. ( doesn't mean putting sold pending price and inbox the price to them )

* if u break these rules don't be surprised if you are banned or removed

Very simple and easy guys not hard to follow a couple of rules to keep this page going HAPPY SELLING :)

Admins are Chantelle Nichols & jade nichols & joshua christie