'Lafarge India Pvt Ltd, leave Elaka Nongkhlieh'

Lafarge India Pvt Ltd has been proposing to set up a cement manufacturing unit in Elaka Nongkhlieh, Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya.
Jaintia Hills especially Elaka Nongkhlieh has very rich limestone deposits therefore making it the hotspot for such adventure.
But the people of Elaka Nongkhlieh, 95 % of whom are against such plans under the pretext of development because most of whom are dependent on agriculture and such other proletariat, agrarian activity.
Pynthor Letein being the most fertile valley in the district is just few meters downhill from the proposed plant and mining site of Lafarge india Pvt Ltd., "we are proposing it because we want to live an old healthy and happy life" said a headman from the place....
So please help support them, help them, dont let any company kill them>>>>