Welcome to FindYourRoomInHongKong

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The purpose of this group is for you to exchange room information in Hong Kong about condos/prices/locations, then to find roomates!

This group is open! invite all your friends from HK or in need to find a room!

If you have a room to rent please post your add here or send me an email at with a description of the offer, photos (toilets/bathroom/living room/room + facilities and condo/unit) please mention the condominium name. I'll then support for free to post your offer on the FindYourRoomInHongKong Page and this group: FindYourRoomInHongKong!!

Linkedin: Jean Charles Salvin

ps: easy way to add all your friends from Hong Kong
go to profile - friends then search by city! type Hong Kong and they all get listed! you can then select the ones to invite inside this group! cheers