Carpentersville-Dundee Resale

This is an ENGLISH speaking garage sale group for those in the Carpentersville and Dundee area of ILLINOIS.

Please read the RULES when you join. We have them to help the site run smoother.

1. Be RESPECTFUL to one another

2. EVERY picture MUST have a price in description area! A description is required if needed (clothes size, color of item if not clear in picture, pic 1 of 3, etc.)

3. EVERY album MUST have your NAME/LOCATION as the title (currently the date)

4. Only ONE picture of an item is allowed in the single photos


6. Please tag the seller (if you can) and write "interested" when you would like an item. (sending a pm does NOT count!)
Asking questions about an item or "liking" the picture/post does NOT hold a spot for you for that item.

7. Once you state "interested" on an item please bring all other questions/arrangements to a private message.

8. Buyers have 24 hours to get in contact with the seller before the seller can move on to the next person.

9. Once your item is sold/donated DELETE the picture.

10. Pictures/Albums with NO activity for 2 months WILL be DELETED.

11. ANY picture/album/post that does NOT comply with the rules WILL get DELETED.

12. Admin(s) is/are NOT responsible for transactions made by others.

13. All ISO (In Search Of) must be posted on the ISO picture PINNED at the top of the page.

14. All other posts (business/other pages) MUST have a link to page or an address of where business is.

15. In the state of Illinois it's illegal to charge more than $3 over face value for any tickets unless you are a ticket broker. Therefore anyone trying to charge more will be called out and asked to change it otherwise you WILL be banned!

If you have any question please contact an admin.

Helpful Tips:
Only upload ONE single picture at a time so the information will show on it.
When you upload multiple pictures at once the description will NOT show and it WILL be deleted.
You may post a second picture of an item in the COMMENTS of the original picture.

Tag the person you are trying to contact so they have a better chance of getting the notification.

You can use the magnify glass (on a computer) in the top right corner of the page to search your name or item to help you find your items or an item you are looking for.