OYO onibaje youth forum (Progress and Unity)

Aim at create this event is to maintain unity among all the bonafied native of Oyo land and also to maintain peace trans quite among Oyo land and her environ. This group allow for each member to log his/her complain pertaining to Oyo or Oyo state at general. This group also believe in tracing the traditional cultural heritage. It also promote integration. It would serve as a means of communication for those that are willing to know much about the origin of Oyo land. By joined or posted to the wall of this group would make every member to aware and current about the existence in his/her local level. This event would also serve as measures of eradicate the level of an unemployment, simply because we would gave information about vacancies. So, you are welcome to OYO ONIBAJE YOUTH FORUM.


(1) Every member must be a bonafied native of Oyo land

(2) Every member has right to post to the wall of the group (Oyo Onibaje)

(3) There should be no abusing in any posted

(4) Law 3, if such happen, such person shall remove from the group.

(5) Every posted must related to contemporary issue of Oyo.

(6) Comment on any posted must centre to the idea mister speaker i.e straight answer to posted.

(7) Every member is entitle to change any error in the info.

(8) Every member is entitled to upload photo to this group.

(9) Any posted image must related to physical environment of Oyo, such as palace, king both present and past, hall, any tourist area in Oyo etc that has to do with graphical area of Oyo.