♥ Manchester United FANS ♥

Hey Guyz Manchester United FANS is a Group which is created only for True MuFc Fans all over the World!!! Here we have Discussions, Jokes n not to Forget d Line-ups before every match!!! So guyz Enjoy in dis group n hav fun as Long as ul can!!! Glory Glory Man United !!! :D
EST 27th April © 2011
There are some rules which need to be followed by each and every member of dis group! :D The Rules are:
1) No swaring on any member of this group nor any of the MuFc players.
2) Keep all the Debates healthy and dont turn it personal.
3) No sharing of Pages or Photos or any kind of Advertisement will be tolerated on this group! The member violating this rule might face a Permanent Ban from this group.
4) Please do not attack on 1 member by majority as it may lead to quarrels and fights.
5) Troll Images or any kind of Photo shouldnt be shared on this group rather plz download n upload dem bak! Ur efforts will be appreciated!
6) Only discussions and talks regarding MuFc will be accepted as a legitimate post, others might be just deleted!
I hope all of ul follow des small rules and keep the group healthy, lively and show ur true passion and love for Manchester United! Thanking You.
GLory GLory Man United! ♥ ♥