KAUKAUNA & The Fox Cities BUY & SELL

Welcome to the group! It's free, which is nice.

Feel free to buy, sell, trade, or give away, but be an honest member and follow these simple steps:
1. Add a picture to your item/s. It makes it easier for any buyer.
2. Please try to not put your phone number in your posts. Suggest that if anyone is interested, they should message you for details as far as phone, email & pick up/delivery.
3. Items sold should be picked up in a timely manner, within 1-2 days if possible. If not, stay in contact with your buyer/seller.
4. Please remove your picture once the item is sold. You are on your own once you've posted an item.
5. Disputes should be handled via messages, phone calls, and emails. Anyone who disrespects someone on here and wants to dispute for all to see will be removed. Have fun, make some money & enjoy!
6. Upon joining, we'll direct you to a list of rules and directions for uploading. The rules are very "common sense" and the uploading directions are easy!