Grenada Lake Yardsale For Clothing

This group has been created for clothing, purses, shoes, and jewelry. The Grenada Lake Yardsale group has become so overwhelmed with so many things that is has become very time consuming to sort through them them all. I hope this site will help to cut down on the congestion on other sites. Please upload in albums if possible. If you are using a phone and are unable to do so that is understandable. Once your items are sold please make sure they are deleted immediately. This will keep the site clean. I will delete items I think have been sold if I do not get a response from the seller. If you change the price of an item please do not repost the item. Go into your post and edit the item!!! If you own a business please DO NOT use this site as your store front. You can create a group to display your items. Your items will be deleted. If you agree to buy something please keep with your arrangements or be respectful and let the seller know something has changed. Everyone knows things happen. Just be courteous about it :). Please do not use this site as a complaint department!!! If you have a problem with someone please inbox me and we can work it out!! Let's make this site a success please!!! We all love a good sale, right??!!! Happy Shopping!!!